Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Disney Cruise News


   Disney has announced it summer 2015 sailings. Europe and beyond. These will get booked incredibly fast so....if you are even thinking about doing one, the next few days are critical. Planning this far in advance gives you lots of time to pay! I have found, as many others have, the best Disney cruise blog. It's a great place to start. Look through the drop down menus and check everything out but the article on the 2015 summer sailings (even has some price details) and then use a travel agent or book with Disney directly. You can always make changes later. You pay deposit first, then in full usually 90 days before sailing. Look for the best deals from on board spending account money! Click below:

Great place to book. I use Tammy Omar. She is wonderful. Click below:

My favorite site to just browse deals (resorts and all cruise lines-put in your criteria to browse whatever you want) and I have booked through this agency as well. Click below: