Sunday, June 22, 2014

Trip Report : 2 Days at Disney World and Disney Dream Cruise (Cruise Portion of the Trip!)

    So when we last left.....sorry about that.....we had just checked out our rooms, found some goodie bags and now we got ready to explore the ship some more and relax!
     We went to the adult pool area. Really kind of the goal of the entire trip is to relax, unwind, hang out and this is a great place to start. The Quiet Cove pool area on Deck 11 is for those over 18. It's located right behind the spa area on the front of Deck 11. The Cove Cafe is there along with the other pools lining up the deck. The Quiet Cove area has lot of deck chairs and of course, hot tubs on each side that overlook the ocean. The pool itself is not large...more like a big plunge pool but it has some what I call "zero entry" sides to it that are next to a bar. You can sit in the water without being submerged and just sip on whatever you want, get some sun! There are stairs leading to the upper deck where they are lots more lounge chairs to get even closer to the sun. I have heard that the adult area on the Fantasy is even better and I can't wait to try that but this is really nice. We went to this pool several times as well as the hot tubs. 
     When it got close to the sail away festivities, we went to our cabins, got out of wet suits and headed back up the upper decks (Deck 12) to watch from the front of the boat and then lounged in some great wicker chairs to see the port drift away. The evening was gorgeous and we took some great pictures. There is a bar on Deck 12, Waves I get something to drink. 

     Dinner that night was at the Royal Palace, Deck 3. We had 3 table mates in addition to our 5. Food was good. I stuck to vegetarian dishes at the dining rooms. I would not call myself a strict vegetarian but getting there so my food reviews probably would not be too much help. However, my companions had a bit of everything and all I can say is again, the food is good. It's meant of the large occupancy of the ship therefore I would never say it's totally unique, out of this world, etc. but all my meals were good, satisfying, pleasant, good service and I was happy. I however, in my own opinion, am easy to please food wise. I do not require substitutions but my sister is a bit picky and she was fine. She's a meat and potatoes-don't do anything fancy type and she survived just fine-perhaps because it is Disney. There are some food joint up on the pool deck for quick and easy pizza, burgers, chicken tenders, fries, and more. There are also soft serve ice cream dispensers (we really like the strawberry/vanilla combo) as well as drink dispensers with a wide variety of pop, ice tea, water, coffee and the like. It's great! Bring your own large insulated cup and fill up for the afternoon. Other ships make you pay for pop. So if you like pop, you are in business! Finally, there is room service with a nice selection and you can order that anytime. Secret here: you can order Mickey ice cream bars from room service. They are not on the menu. We had a few of those...really good.
     The next day, we were in Nassau Bahamas. We came into the port, Aft first and it was a beautiful site with other cruise ships, some yachts, and Atlantis off in the distance. We were at the Windjammer eating some breakfast when we came into port. You will get a schedule of all the time requirements for port stops. We had scheduled to do Disney's Atlantis Water Park Day. I don't think that's the official title but it was an all inclusive day at Atlantis and it was admittedly expensive, $169 per person, including lunch.
     We were directed to a meeting place, close to Walt Disney Theatre and checked in for our excursion. I did take my passport and ID as I usually do on all excursions. They will specifically tell you if you need either one. You also always need your key card.  They mention it's a good idea to bring bottled water on this one as it is expensive in the resort. We did each bring a few bottles and then there were some locals selling bottled water when we waited in line for our shuttle bus. So after grabbing ample towels, we were ready to get on with the day...and what a day it would be...a day to remember....